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​​​​​​​​​Making Sense of the Bible

Struggling to Understand the Bible?
Everyone, to varying degrees, struggles in trying to understand the Bible.  The reason is that the Bible came into being in a completely different time, culture, language, history and situation as ours. The BIBLE GPS will help you to bridge the gap between the original receivers and the 21st century.  

Feeling Lost

God’s Word, our ​​​​​​​​​​​God Positioning System.

It is so easy to feel a little bit ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​lost and lonely in this world. 
The BIBLE GPS will help you to navigate through the Bible and to make sense of the Bible. Through the BIBLE GPS you will discover that the message of the Bible is just as clear, compelling and current as when it was written.  You will experience how God is indeed present and at work in your life!

We know that life can have rather sharp edges and that pain and sorrow are part of our existence. It is therefore not always easy to find our way in life.  ​The​​​​ good news is that God has given us a GPS to find our way through life – God’s Word, our ​​God Positioning System. 
"The vast ocean of the unknown can only be navigated through the compass of an ancient text."
Erwin MacManus

Getting The Most From The Book

The BIBLE GPS can be used in a number of contexts such as personal study, one-on-one, triads, quads or bigger groups of ten.  ​​
​​The Daily Readings
Each day contains a prayer, a devotional reading, study material of about two pages and some questions. It will take you about 20-30 minutes daily.

Video Material
Video material of all the ten weeks is available at    
Small Multiplying Discipleship Units
After the 10 weeks the ideal is that everyone starts a new unit by inviting two or three people. Repeating this process again and again is a great way to reach many people.
Round 1: (You and three other people) 4 
Round 2: 4 groups of 4 people = 16 
Round 3: 16 groups of 4 people = 64
Round 4: 64 groups of 4 people = 256  
Round 5: 256 groups of 4 people = 1024
Round 6: 1 024 groups of 4 people = 4 096
Round 7: 4 096 groups of 4 people = 16 384​
Round 8: 16 384 groups of 4 people = 65 536
​A Ten-Week Journey
You will embark on a 70-day journey through the Bible with its different genres. The book contains daily devotions, study material and material for group discussions.

Weekly Gatherings
The reading happens at home and the discussion part happens once a week during the gathering. The discussion is about the previous week's reading.​
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Article on Discipleship

The Bible GPS
Online Course

The Bible GPS Is Avalaible Instantly On All Your Devices
The Story behind the Book
I​ have been teaching the principles of Bible interpretation for more than twenty years. I knew there was something missing in my approach. Everything changed for me at a Vital Churches Institute workshop, facilitated by Dr. Stanley Ott in September 2016.  I came to realise that my approach missed the focus on growing disciples. I was mainly transferring information.
I realised anew that discipleship is about transformation into the likeness of Christ. Dr. Stanley challenged me to change all my Bible study material to allow for the growing of disciples. The BIBLE GPS is therefore, specifically designed to implement small multiplying discipleship units, called triads or quads. 
A Triad or Quad is a group of three or four individuals, who covenant to meet weekly, build intentional relationships with one another, and challenge one another to become more passionate and fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


KOBUS GENIS was born in Bellville, South Africa. He obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Theology (BTh) from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

He served as a minister in South Africa from 1992-2003. ​​​​​Since 2003 he and his family have been living in sunny Alberta, Canada, where he is a minister at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Calgary.

Kobus’ passion is to teach people how to UNDERSTAND, APPLY and COMMUNICATE the essentials of the Bible in the 21st century. 
He is also the author of two Devotionals: From a Garden to a City and @Godstweet.


Two Devotional Books Complement The BIBLE GPS
From a Garden to a City​ (365 devotionals) will take you on an exciting journey through all the Bible Books.  This journey follows the story line of the Bible that begins in Genesis in the GARDEN of Eden and ends in Revelation with a CITY, the new Jerusalem. 
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@GodsTweet is a daily devotional that will take you on an exciting journey through all the Bible books. @GodsTweet consists of 170 devotionals that will help you to get a better understanding of the Bible.
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